Video marketing campaign

The video marketing campaign made for Buccellati, a prestigious jewelry brand that is a symbol of Italian art in the world, reveals the high-quality silverware products line.

Three exclusive collections: Marina, Doge, and Tahiti echo the art of human being and nature.
Three stories in which a cinematic play of light and shadows mysteriously reveals shapes of precious objects.

Elegant and powerful videos can capture the focus on the web and affect with aesthetically impact visual suggestions.

Video sequence “Shells”

The Marina collection is a fine selection of rare exotic shells, covered in Buccellati silver. Jewels of the sea that fascinate by their elegant and mysterious appearance.

For these marine-inspired jewels, a minimal setting was recreated, reminiscent of the sea depth. These evocative images are visually related to the shapes of the cliff’s aerial images made by the drones.

Video sequence “Tahiti”

The Tahiti collection recalls polynesian natural beauty matched with extreme elegance ed eco-sustainability.  The name is strictly connected to Paul Gaugin’s remembrance and his time spent in Tahiti.

In this case, the focus was placed on the use of warm pictorial light to give a nearly cinematic look.
Compositions are carefully designed and the camera movements are replayed thanks to motorized camera dollies.
In every scene we wanted to reproduce a painting, a character, a flavour.

Video sequence “Doge”

The Doge collection is inspired by the luxury of Venetian art from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Silver has always been a status symbol of richness and nobilty.

The collection is made up of silver items hand-made chiselled and hammered , enriched by combined elements of malachite, lapis lazuli and red jasper.
This sense of nobility is represented by rhythmic music, circular camera movements that gradually reveal the items, while the light “paints” the surfaces and gradually shows further details.

  • Buccellati
  • Fillmmaker: Laura Panno - T.R.A.M.A.
  • Filmmaker: André Guidot - T.R.A.M.A.
  • Account: Micol Lorenzato - T.R.A.M.A.
  • Stylist: Lamelacannella
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