Tecno for Vatican Chapels

Video art project

Tecno for Vatican Chapels video art project tells about the story of the chapel conceived by arch star Norman Foster and designed by Tecno for the sixteenth international architecture exhibition of Venice.

The first pavilion of the Vatican City to participate in the Biennale Exhibition.
The project has been curated by Francesco Dal Co and has been made by building up 10 temporary chapels designed by 10 architects from all over the world.

The video art project has been shot in San Giorgio Maggiore Island of Venice, and it alternates aerial shots and immersive scenes in nature.
The architectural details of the chapel are highlighted by a play of natural chiaroscuro.

The video direction from Andrè Guidot has visually translated the message of universality which is the core of the entire architectural work.
Universality among human beings carrying different cultures and languages. And universality in thinking the humankind in a constant dialogue with nature and its beauty.

  • Tecno
  • Filmmaker: André Guidot - T.R.A.M.A.

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