Euphidra At school of hygiene

Kids video campaign

The Euphidra for Kids video campaign is a national project promoted by Zeta Farmaceutici with the aim of transmitting the importance of a proper personal hygiene to the next generation.

Developed by Pleiadi, the project wants to explain two good practices related to cleaning.
In the first one, children discover how starch is a great supporter for personal hygiene. In the second one they learn how to wash hands properly.

All through simple and smart animated videos that immediately make processes and explanations understandable otherwise incomprehensible to the general public.

Visualizing processes and data through animated graphics is a technique increasingly appreciated by brands since it gives images that facilitate the understanding of a concept directly to the human eye.
Especially nowadays when the attention time has been reduced, but curiosity and pro-active engagement play as never before.

Educational projects for children, passing to the field of food&wine, up to the beauty sector, and tourism promotion: data visualization support the comprehension and processing of a message, information, or scientific formula.                                         

  • Zeta Farmaceutici | Euphidra
  • Gruppo Pleiadi
  • Illustrazioni: Alessia Catania - Gruppo Pleiadi
  • Motion Graphics: Alberto Baroni T.R.A.M.A.
  • Creative Director: André Guidot - T.R.A.M.A.

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