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The Unifarco Biomedical video marketing uses the most recent animation graphic techniques to describe two chemical composition products for the skin: Cerapsol and Ceramol.

The videos for Unifarco Biomedical video marketing campaing created by Luigi Dalla Riva, show 3D visual processes that become the perfect tool to reveal what happens in some chemical and biological processes, thanks to Houdini software.

Nowadays where the consumer has becoming more selective and careful on what to choose, this kind of videos give a real boost to the sales force because it illustrates the functional processes of a certain product to make the shopping experience more conscious and motivated.

The 3D technique allows textures to be “touched with your eyes” especially for the cosmetic industry, thanks to a particular style called “tactile design” focused on the sense of touch.

By displaying complex data and processes, brands can implement smarter and valuable video strategies for their own costumers and the brand itself.

Product video “Cerapsor”

Product video “Ceramol”

  • Unifarco
  • Art Direction / 3D Artist / Editor: Luigi Dalla Riva - T.R.A.M.A.
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