The track is my town

Digital video campaign A/W 2019 for Scuderia Ferrari

The digital video campaign The track is my town made for Scuderia Ferrari, in partnership with Naïve and Smiling Sisters communication agencies.
The campaign brings the motor racing circuit in the city.

The creative idea was born from the dialogue with Patrizio Marini, Naïve’s art director, and it represents the paths that the famous car is used to travel.

Ferrari style spreads throughout Milan streets and squares, supported by that sports motor racing image which has always marked the sparkling single-seater as an icon worldwide.

E-commerce Video Campaign

Ferrari means speed, italianity and passion.
Ferrari apparel represents the key factors of these concepts.

We have handled the direction of the e-commerce video campaign and the main challenge has been the speed of the shooting, alongside the photo campaign. This overlap requires the video crew to have technical skills, a collaborative spirit with the photographic division and a great creative flexibility.

We have been able to work in synergy and harmony thanks to the management of Lola Toscani, highly experienced creative producer.

Video Campaign

At the same time as the apparel campaign, we have created another digital video campaign to promote the new man-kid watch collection.
The refined and sporty lines of the models inspired by Formula 1’s red style, have spread throughout the city environments, switching urban and Still life shots.

We have described Ferrari man watches with dynamic visuals, and brilliant, contrasting, iconic colors.

The kids line, on the other hand, focuses on more emotional storytelling, letting us remind when we were little and dreamed of being Formula 1’s drivers while playing with toy cars.

Product Video

The digital video campaign has been designed with a multiplatform and multichannel approach.

Videos have been made in several sizes and timings and have been broadcasted not only on the brand’s e-commerce website but also in Ferrari store screens and satellite portals.

The distinguishing feature is the vertical video (9:16), perfect for broadcasting via social media, including Instagram and Facebook Stories, increasingly performing sections both for engagements and loyalty.

  • Scuderia Ferrari
  • Smiling Sisters
  • Director: André Guidot - T.R.A.M.A.
  • Art Director: Patrizio Marini - Naïve Agency
  • Account Director: Lola Toscani - Smiling Sisters
  • VFX Supervisor: Luigi Dalla Riva T.R.A.M.A.
  • Production Coordinator: Serena Marcon - T.R.A.M.A.
  • Production Assistant: Stefania Furlan - T.R.A.M.A.
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