Tiscali Onlife

Multichannel Campaign

Tiscali Onlife is a multichannel campaign to relaunch Tiscali brand, a big firm in Italian broadcasting.
Conceived and designed by the creative agency Beulcke+Partners, with our full commitment to the direction, executive production, and post-production of some videos.
The rebranding campaign has covered all the national territory on air on the main television broadcasters, radios, web, and social media.

Tiscali has chosen to present its new positioning, which embodies the sense of contemporaneity and the legacy of its own history. “Onlife: online and offline, without borders and in life”.

TV Commercial

Filmed in the most evocative and unknown places of Sardinia, the TV commercial broadens the imagination of the payoff “onlife” and declines it to other words, ondream, onwork, onlove, onfreedom, onfuture, the choices to evoke evoke each one’s life, their dreams and the possibility of realising them.

Directed by the Englishman Howard Greenhalgh, one of the most esteemed authors of music videos, while the direction of photography is by Scot Simon Coull, the editing by André Guidot and the project direction is by the producer Enrica de Biasi, both from our team.

Web Video

The production was directed by André Guidot while the post-production by Luigi dalla Riva and it was made in Pantelleria in three days (including filming and editing).
The digital campaign is about the narration of an “onlife” day.
The commitments, pleasures, work, moments of relaxation and love in the everyday life of a woman. Moments that are marked by emotional images followed by a text that recalls the concept of URL.

We have chosen the Paper animation technique realised by Stefano Bertelli in order to promote the message. As branch of stop motion, the Paper animation recreates the materiality and aesthetic effect of the paper, exalting the analogy of a physical and tangible world (offline) that seamlessly merges with an increasingly virtual and digital life (online).

The contents of Tiscali Onlife multichannel campaign has been created and designed in different shooting formats for wide distribution through the various social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube), Tiscali website, and brand’s satellite sites.

Radio Spot

The campaign has also come to life on the radio with three ads (each in two different versions) curated by our sound designer Edoardo Piccolo.

The ads have been aired on the main Italian radio stations with a focus on the cities of Rome and Cagliari. Two Tiscali offers are dedicated to Roma and Cagliari football teams fans.
As in a real football match, Tiscali comes back to the market with the determination and innovation of those who go back to Serie A to win the Scudetto.

  • Iveco
  • Executive Producer: Enrica de Biasi - T.R.A.M.A.
  • Creative Team: Patrizio Marini & Lorenzo De Rita
  • Creative Director: Gianluca Barbero - Beulcke+Partners
  • Director: Andrea Zaccariello
  • Director / Editor: André Guidot - T.R.A.M.A.

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